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“Try Adding Any of These 35 Proven and Completely
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From The Desk of: Michael Humphreys
Tuesday 10:27 A.M.

Dear Fellow Massage Therapist,

Here's the cold hard facts: The clock is ticking as you read this.

I have a very powerful weapon that I'd like to place it in your hands. A weapon that some say would give you an unfair advantage on growing your massage business by leaps and bounds.

Now I can't reveal all of the details of this secret weapon to everyone. Because if I did, that weapon would start to lose some of it's effectiveness. I will reveal over 33 powerful ways that you can use this marketing weapon... many of which cost you nothing but a few minutes of your time.

Let me explain ...

Here's the story: My name is Michael Humphreys. I've run my own businesses — both offline and online — since 1993. For many years, I owned a massage therapy center and I used to create what legendary marketer Gary Halbert called “Gun To The Head Marketing“.

In plain English, it meant that the marketing I created had to work or my massage business would be out of business almost immediately.

It was a really stressful way to run that business and I hated dealing with those kinds of business struggles.

But then I made an amazing discovery...

I found an awesome massage practice building tool called a referral system. It's an automated way to attract and draw in more massage clients for your business.

More importantly, there was dozens of ways I could use this tool to find and draw new customers into my business every month — and do it using little or no money.

I started with using one referral system that was free. Sure enough, I started getting some additional clients.

But, that's not the amazing part. I decided to try a few variations of my first referral system — only this time I took a few business contacts of mine and tried a different type of referral system with each one.

Man, was I in for a BIG surprise...

The phone started ringing off the hook. People were lined up, eager to buy massage gift certificates and book appointments.

But it wasn't just the phone ringing.

My website traffic took off too and within a few months, my massage center's website ranked with Alexa's top 10% websites for traffic received — as a single service business located in the Philadelphia suburbs. That's a big difference from the majority of the top-ranked sites which are biggies like Amazon.com, ESPN, and so on.

Quite simply, my massage center's sales doubled that year.

Using referral systems became one of the top ways I generate new clients for that massage center for years — and every other business I've ever consulted with since.

Now fast forward to the present moment...

Here's A Rare Opportunity To Tap Into The
Marketing Mind of an Ultra-Successful Entrepreneur!

As a full-time business consultant and massage therapist, my time is extremely limited. My advice doesn't come cheaply either but it's laser-focused and works everytime for any type of business.

So when I decided to do a teleseminar where I'm going to “spill the beans“ on everything you need to know to drive loads of new clients to your massage business. I decided to promise to deliver a massive swarm of my best massage referral generating tips, tactics, and techniques without holding anything back.

Nothing censored, watered-down, filtered, sugar coated or fluffed up.

If you are expecting a massage product or seminar pitch
during this event, then you will be disappointed...

The call was done as 100% pure content so any massage therapist could grab any of the golden nuggets I revealed and can help their own massage practice FAST.

This is “the“ best way to learn.

Rather than reading marketing book, manuals, or ebooks that says “do this ... and do that“ (and only tells you what to do) ... you'll get a front row seat.

You'll hear for yourself what types of massage referral systems work — and why...
You'll be shown step by step, how to actually use a referral system for your own massage business...
And you'll get access to over 33 field-tested and proven massage referral systems that you can use right away.

Now, I'm NOT talking about marketing weapons like Pay Per Click or Joint Ventures. Both of those methods work... but they aren't referral systems.

I'm not going to take you on a leisurely tour of referral systems either... Not a chance.

You'll be walked through the actual process of how to choose a massage referral system from the 33+ ones that I give you — and put them into action right away.

Best of all, you'll turn your massage practice into a finely tuned client attracting machine that hauls in more clients than you ever thought was possible...

... And You'll See Results FAST!

Imagine how exciting it could be... you get to skip all the boring theory, lectures and fluffAND get right to the good stuff.

You'll learn one of the biggest massage business-building skills that can be essential for survival — and you'll learned from someone who has used and perfected them in the real world... not memorized from a college textbook.

I'm talking about field-tested massage referral systems that...

Must produce new massage clients or prospects...
Have to deliver new massage leads consistently...
And use little or no money to produce results...


This program will open up a whole new world of possibilities and profits than you ever imagined.

And the best part is ... you won't have to hand over $1,000 to get this information.

Nope. You'll get the skills to do it yourself anytime you want to generate more massage prospects or clients.

You get to be a fly on the wall and get a first hand “school of hard knocks“ education in what it takes to produce multiple streams of targeted massage prospects every time, without fail.

Bottom-line, you won't find anything on the net like this!

So Here's Why You Won't Want To Miss This Program!

Picture this ...

For about 2 hours, I ripped apart and revealed approximately 35 different referral systems. I will share the secrets on how they work and how you can use them to grow your massage business using little or no money.

Quite simply, I'm structuring things so you can understand and execute the referral tips and strategies that can turbo charge your sales. Too much of any thing -- even profit-producing information -- can mean you are left feeling overloaded and confused as to where to start first.

No fluff, no filler, no sales pitches ... just 100% “pure beef“ content.

Here's 9 Powerful Things You'll Learn From Easy Massage Referrals

My secret method for building your referral army... allies who will send you referrals like clockwork every month!
How to make your clients send you referrals...
What you must do immediately to get your clients referring the right people to you...
The insiders trick to getting your competitors to pay you for new leads...
A powerful method any massage business can use to quickly build a targeted list of prospects... who will gladly give you new referrals!
My “tricks of the trade“ for rewarding client referrals without losing your shirt...
The amazing method your competitors will never think of doing that always get read and generates referrals... costs pennies to generate hundreds -- or even thousands of dollars in new business!
How to get clients to buy and make new referrals at the same time...
And Much Much More!

This is going to be incredible! Not only will you get to witness the inner workings and crucial ingredients to field-tested and proven to work referral systems but you will learn first hand how (and why) these powerful techniques work.

But just in case you're not already convinced how powerfully useful this information would be for your massage practice, then you might not be familiar how I love to over-deliver on all of my products.

So I'm going to sweeten the deal a bit more and give you all of these too...

Mp3 Recording and Typed Transcript of Easy Massage Referrals

Listen and read the content contained in Easy Massage Referrals as often as you want for years to come.

“Massage Practice Killers: Solutions For The Most Common Massage Practice Killing Mistakes”

Sells on Help Your Practice for $24.95 plus $8.95 shipping & handling. This 55 minute seminar captures some of the most common marketing mistakes therapists make and how to quickly correct them. This seminar is the one of a kind: it's the only event that Help Your Practice founders Michael Humphreys and Eric Mitchell ever did together!

You will get the digital download version, so you can start listening right away... even if it's 2 in the morning!

Read the Massage Killers Sales Letter Here

Lights, Music, Massage (previously sold for $4.95)

My special report on maximizing client retention through creating the right massage room atmosphere. I sold it for a while at $4.95 before pulling it off the market.

New Client Tracking Form (previously unavailable)

Simply use Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice to open this easy to use tracking form. If you aren't tracking what's working for your marketing, advertising, and referral systems, then you're wasting time and money!

Think and Grow Rich (Priceless)

If you only read one classic business book, this is it! Thousands of successful people credit this book for helping them break through the success barrier, including me.

You could buy this book in paperback at your local bookstore for $15 or you can download the digital version which is part of the international public domain (and free).


This Is Where The Rubber Meets The Road...

Imagine being able to open up the brains of a top marketing and business consultant... and pulling out every ounce of proven tips, tactics, and techniques for creating growth. Growth in any type of massage business for practically pennies.

If I were to sharing this information one-on-one as a marketing consultant, I'd have to charge you at least $600.00 for this type of profitable information.

But, you won't have to pay anywhere near that to get the same information. You'll get to learn it from the comfort of your own home.

No travel, no expenses, no headaches.

And for only $47, you can grab a front row seat and be part of this highly anticipated, one-time event.

Best of all, you don't risk a single penny either because you are backed by ...

My 100% No Hassles, No Questions Asked
Money-Back Guarantee!

There's nothing worse than buying a product or service that makes big promises and then realizing that they didn't keep their word.

Simply listen to the program... review the transcript and test just one of the referral systems in your own business.

Take up to 90 days to “try out“ and prove just how valuable this information really is. If you aren't
convinced that this program
delivered everything that I said it
would or more then you let me know
and I will gladly refund every penny.

Michael Humphreys


FACT: Getting access to this program can have immediate
and measurable impacts on your business and your income!

Because once you learn the secrets to creating multiple streams of automated referrals, then you will hold the keys to boosting your business results like nothing else.

The choice is yours. You can do nothing and six months from now, your massage business will probably still be stuck in the same place it is now.

Or you can grab this program. You'll learn and quickly master a powerful tool that you can use to drive more and more targeted prospects and even future customers to your massage business right away.

Let's get started. I promise, you are about to discover something ground-breaking!

To Your Success,




P.S. Generating referrals is one of the best ways any massage practice can get new customers on a consistent basis. Using a referral system can mean the difference between getting fresh referrals consistently... or once in a blue moon. (But don't worry, I'll show you over 35 different referral systems that you can use.)

P.P.S. You'll be delighted to learn that Easy Massage Referrals is a digitally downloadable product, so you'll get instant access... even if it's 3 a.m.!

P.P.P.S. When you make the wise decision to sign up for Easy Massage Referrals now, you'll be rewarded with our platinum membership level which pays an affiliate commission of 50% on every new customer that you refer.